Breast Augmentation


Ever wish your breasts were “more endowed”? Would you like to get back the full, round, perky breasts you had before the kids arrived? Then breast enhancement is for you.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Enhancement adds volume to the breasts with a breast implant to increase fullness and create better balance with the rest of your figure. You’ll look amazing in sexy clothes… or with no clothes at all.

Using incisions (that heal almost invisibly) 1½ inch around the inner areola, saline implants are placed under your breast tissue and “pecs.” Saline is much safer than silicone (its only salt and water). The deep placement makes them feel and look very natural. Many women get a beautiful lift from the implants making breast lift surgery unnecessary. Recovery is fast (just a week or two). Many size changes are available from B to DD. Your breast size and shape are now under your control!

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