One Day Wonders

When I started doing face/neck lifts 3 years ago, my patients took 3 weeks before they could be seen in public without worrying that someone would be frightened of how they looked. The swelling and bruising took way too long to disappear.

Flash forward to 2020. My new procedure, The “Ultra Mini Facelift” is creating “One Day Wonders!” Yes, my simplified face/neck lift procedure creates almost no bruising and swelling from Day 1! I’m not sure if it is the special supplements I give my patients pre-op, the minimally invasive technique, or the compressive dressings I apply after the procedure. It’s probably all three that make my patients look FABULOUS the day after surgery. Their jaw lines are firm and streamlined. Their necks are smooth and tight with a great angle between neck and face. And best of all – no pain.

Come visit my office to see the before and 1 day after pictures of my Ultra Mini Facelift. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s nothing short of a miracle.

From my H-Art,

Yale M. Kadesky, MD

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