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Featured Patient Story

“He’s restored my confidence and I couldn’t be happier.”

- Mary

He genuinely cares for his patients and we are grateful for his dedication and expertise. We are so fortunate that he is here in our community.

Several years ago, my husband contracted necrotizing fasciitis, an infection with a very high mortality rate. Dr. Yale Kadesky not only saved his leg, but his life. Recently we both had wounds which were not healing. Once again, Dr. Kadesky to the rescue! He healed them much faster than we had anticipated and they are barely visible.

Dr. Kadesky is a man of many talents: musician, artist, and an excellent physician and surgeon.

- Janet

My life has changed for the better.

Truly blessed to have met most nicest surgeon in the world. Doc, words can't express the gratitude. You are one of a kind, your team and great attitude make it a blessing to have been part of my life. Thanks a million doctor, for your patience and understanding of quality patient care.

- Esmeralda & Family

I want to thank all of you for making my initial consultation such a positive experience.

First let me say was very nice meeting all of you. You all made me feel welcome and very comfortable. I look forward to taking this life changing journey with all of you. Thank you again!

- Therise

I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. I am amazed how well it all turned out, and looks.

I appreciate the girls in your office; they are so special! Dr. Dann deserves so much credit for sending me to you 5 years ago! I miss him so much. Thank you so very much for your kindness and expertise and patience during, before and after the cancer, and my facial surgery. I admit I was nervous about the outcome of it all; I am so pleased!! People (friends, etc.) cannot stop telling me how great I look! Thank you again, Dr.!

- D.

I can never thank you enough for how you have helped me & changed my life.

You have given me back my confidence and sense of self. Thank you for your dedication to creating the best version of me! You all went above and beyond to insure I was comfortable about my choice and that I would get exactly what I wanted! Thank you!

- Amanda

Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work I am already loving my results and it's only been 10 days.

Please enjoy a little gesture of appreciation to make up for the long surgery day with no lunch. Thank you just doesn't feel like enough...

- Janet

I can barely find the words to express my gratitude for the care you took with my surgery.

I am a very lucky patient. It is your office that I find the most amazing – your practice in general. It is this wonderful mix of absolute professionalism and enthusiasm. From the surgeon to the answering service, from consultation to post-op – such a blessing to be part of it.

Thanks all!


We put the H-Art San Diego plastic surgery.

Dr. Kadesky creates self confidence and self-esteem. He and his team have a solution for every body and face.

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