When a Plastic Surgeon Gets Plastic Surgery Part II

Hi plastic surgery aficionados! I had my upper and lower eyelids “tucked” 3 days ago — and I’m at work today! (See selfie below.)

I feel great — I have my energy back, my bruising and swelling are going away and swelling are going away and I never had any pain (except my throat — see below).

I am so glad I had plastic surgery myself. Main reason — I can already see my more youthful handsome self appearing in my face. I love the fresh, alert look and I can see the color of my eyes for the first time in years.

Second, I know up close and personal what my patients go through. I know the inconvenience of keeping cold packs on my eyes for an hour at a time. I had a sore throat for a couple of days from the breathing tube my nurse anesthetist inserted for general anesthesia. From now on, all my patients get throat lozenges to soothe their throat after general anesthesia.

I also felt super dry after surgery – i.e. the “birdcage floor” feeling in my mouth. I found this was caused by an anti-nausea medication that I will never use again!

And it ain’t easy sleeping on three pillows. I think I was awake most of my first night — I could not get comfortable. From now on, my patients get Ambien for sleep the first few days. Can you see why you want to go to a plastic surgeon who has had surgery? He/she actually believes in the mental and physical healing of plastic surgery. And he/she know exactly how to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Stay tuned for the next episode of, “When a Plastic Surgeon has Plastic Surgery.”

From my H-Art,

Yale M Kadesky, MD

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