Eliminating Spider Veins & Broken Capillaries

Sometimes in life, little things mean a lot. Like spider veins on the thighs and legs and ankles and broken capillaries on the face. Many people can’t stand them and would love to see them gone. Fortunately, I have what it takes to make their wishes come true.

I treat spider veins by injecting them with a super tiny needle with hypertonic saline solution. Our bodies are made up of saline (salt) solution — 0.9% The solution I inject into spider veins is 27.3% (very concentrated), to destroy the inner lining of the veins. When the lining is destroyed, the blue venous blood can’t flow through them, making them invisible. I use numbing cream topically and xylocaine in the injection to decrease the slight pain. The length and cost of the treatment varies according to the number of spider veins to be treated. A typical treatment plan is #1 for one full hour. 3 weeks later, treatment #2 for 45 minutes, 3 weeks later treatment #3 for 30 minutes. At this point, over 90% of spider veins should be history.

After care is easy — some cortisone ointment and compression pantyhose or tights for a few days.

Patients love to wear shorts and swimsuits again and show off their beautiful legs!

Broken capillaries in the face can give the face a ruddy red appearance frequently associated with alcoholics. A lot of people hate them. Technically known as “telangiectasia” these broken capillaries are near the skin surfaces and look like little red spiders. Fortunately, the treatment is quick and easy — A quick touch of a battery operated hot tip cautery make them shrivel up and die. To relieve the pain of the quick “Zap” I use my special triple strength numbing cream. When done, my patients look like they have a light case of the measles with dots all over their faces. Aftercare is easy with cortisone ointment and cold pack for a few days. Healing is fast with the dots turning pink, then back to normal skin color. Patients enjoy looking in the mirror again and need little or no makeup to conceal them. Their only regret is that they did not treat them sooner.

From my H-art,

Yale M Kadesky MD

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