Plastic Surgery Can Be Done in a Way That Looks Completely Natural

Many people want to improve their appearance, and plastic surgery can help. The challenge is that with so many overdone procedures, the average person may view surgery as the reason celebrities and other people they know end up with an unnatural appearance. The reality is that an experienced surgeon can help you to look beautiful and natural at the same time.

At our clinic in Escondido, we start by meeting with each client to discuss what they do not like about their appearance and what their goals are. Most often, people like some of their features, just not all of them. In other scenarios, it is as simple as wanting to look like they used to 10, 15 or 20 years ago. These are normal requests, and we do our best to accommodate them. The goal is to help each client look like a better version of themselves, not someone that looks entirely different.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are several types of procedures we can perform to enhance the appearance of our clients. We recommend that after creating a plan, it is taken in steps. For example, there are some procedures that patients should not go through at the same time. Going methodically and purposefully down the path is better than trying to rush to the end and risk other health complications. When we make recommendations for plastic surgery, it is based on the patient’s overall health.

One common way that we can enhance the appearance of our clients is by performing a neck lift. As people get older, this is one area of the body that commonly starts to sag. Our clients can look 10 years younger overnight by simply having us lift and tighten the skin under their neck. Botox is another common procedure that people ask for that can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

The Botox procedure is an example of one that people can easily abuse. When people use too much Botox, it can create an unnatural appearance and make normal facial expressions difficult. We cannot overstate the importance of working with an expert plastic surgeon since it makes the difference between looking natural or looking like plastic.

Other Forms of Plastic Surgery

For those that are not worried about the signs of aging but do not like their body shape, we offer other types of solutions. A breast augmentation, for example, can make women of all ages feel sexier, look better in clothes, and enjoy their shape. Likewise, people with curves in the right places but also in the wrong ones may benefit from liposuction or a version of it. During liposuction, we remove fat is from places like the stomach and hips, while we leave fat in the breast and bottom.

Plastic surgery allows you to keep what you like about your body and transform the rest. This way, you will still look and feel like yourself, only a better version of it. To get started, schedule a consultation with Yale M. Kadesky, M.D. to discuss the goals that you have for your appearance.

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