Breast Augmentation: From Sizing to Recovery

Anyone who is considering a breast augmentation should visit our clinic to learn more about the process and how it works. This is a popular cosmetic procedure that women use to positively change their appearance. While many people think of plastic surgery as something that is obvious or stands out, it does not have to be.

In fact, most of our patients receive an augmentation that appears to be their natural body. Patients will not need to feel self-conscious about their augmentation seeming fake. We take the time to listen to our patient’s needs and concerns before recommending a specific procedure.

There is no one-size-fits-all breast augmentation

Determining the size that patients want their breasts to be can be frustrating for those who are unsure of what size they eventually want. However, we help patients to determine which size breasts are right for them. That is the key. We want to provide solutions that are right for each individual patient rather than making a recommendation that is sweeping or broad.

Each woman has a different body type and so the size of breasts that look appropriate on one woman will be different from the size that looks right for someone else. For example, on a woman who is incredibly petite with a small bone structure, a C cup may look overly large where a woman who has broader shoulders may find that a C cup is too small for their frame. It really depends on the woman so the best thing to do is meet with a plastic surgeon at our clinic to discuss the options and the pros and cons of selecting different sizes.

If we feel that something would look too small or be so large that it could make a patient feel uncomfortable or cause back problems, we will make note of that during the consultation as well. Just remember that we are here to provide a customized solution that each patient is happy to live with.

Recovering from a breast augmentation surgery takes time

It is wise to take time off of work, preferably a week or two. Immediately after the surgery, it will be necessary to go home and rest for a couple of days. By taking pain medication, the discomfort can be controlled but rest is still the best way to recover from any type of surgery. During this time, it will be necessary to avoid lifting anything that is heavy so as not to cause damage to the area.

For weeks or even months following the procedure, it may be difficult to do simple tasks like open heavy doors. While this does require some adjusting to daily life, with the right amount of preparation and help, the recovery should go fairly smoothly. Even young moms have successfully had augmentation so long as they have help and support at home.

Augmentations are not for everyone

Some women would do better by having a breast lift, rather than an augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery enhances the size of the breasts where a lift works to elevate breasts that are drooping and sagging. Depending on the condition of a woman’s breast, each procedure will have a different benefit. During a consultation, we will examine the breast tissue and make a recommendation regarding what we think would be best.

Typically women with larger breasts benefit from a lift were those with small or minimal breasts need an augmentation. To discuss breast augmentation surgery in greater detail, call our clinic and schedule a consultation. We can show before and after pictures to demonstrate the significant impact that it can have on a person’s appearance and figure.

We can also help patients to select the size of augmentation that will best improve their figure and discuss the next steps for getting the procedure completed. Start the process today by calling our clinic.

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