Read This Before Selecting a Facelift Plastic Surgeon

When looking for a facelift plastic surgeon, it is important to find one that you are comfortable with and who you are confident can accurately complete your desired procedure. Plastic surgery is incredibly personal and something that should not take lightly. It needs to be something that is handled with great care and tact and part of that process is finding a surgeon to work with that you are incredibly comfortable with. Our patients have been very pleased to work with our clinic and so we recommend scheduling a consultation to discover why.

#1. What type of surgery do they specialize in?

Just because someone offers plastic surgery does not mean that they focus on it or that they focus on a particular aspect of plastic surgery. It is important to understand the level of specialization that a surgeon has prior to having them perform work on the most sensitive area of the body, the face.

#2. Are they board certified and a member of various professional organizations?

Anyone who is a plastic surgeon should be board certified on display for all to see. It is also good to hire a surgeon who is a member of various professional organizations that are dedicated to continuing education, training and very specific professional standards. This makes it possible to have confidence in a surgeon, knowing that their peers also have confidence in their abilities.

#3. What is their clinical experience?

How much experience does a surgeon have in performing plastic surgery? Their clinical experience is going to influence the outcomes of the procedure since as with anything, surgeons can become more skilled over time.

#4. Can you see pictures of their work or read patient reviews?

The best way to know if you are hiring the right facelift plastic surgeon is to see pictures of their previous work. Plastic surgery is just as much an art as it is a science. Knowing that a surgeon is board-certified, a member professional organizations and experienced speaks to their scientific accomplishments and physical abilities. However, it does not speak to the aesthetics of their work.

To ensure that a facelift is going to produce the results that you are looking for, see pictures of previous work. It may also be that more than a facelift is required to achieve the specific goals a patient has in mind. For example, a facelift may be part of the process while a rhinoplasty may be necessary for completing the overall transformation. Reading patient reviews can also help in determining if a plastic surgeon is the right one to visit.

When looking at pictures, feel free to ask questions about what was done for that particular patient. It can shed light on the options that are available along with the possibilities for transformation when working with a facelift plastic surgeon.

#5. Schedule a consultation

To learn more about our capabilities, call our clinic and schedule a consultation to speak with Dr. Kadesky. We can answer your questions and look forward to meeting you.

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