Like most things in life, the answer is “No” and “Yes.”

Why “No?” There are some people who will NEVER be happy, no matter how beautiful or handsome they are. They think “If I only had perky “D” cup breasts instead of “B” cup breasts. I’d be happy.”

NO question – beautiful breasts can be a big enhancer for self-esteem, but alone they can’t create happiness, especially if that person is more concerned about their appearance than their relationships.

Generally speaking, people who are already happy, especially in the relationship department, enjoy even more happiness with their face and body improvements.

I once had a petite female patient with 1100cc breast implants — she was a double “Z.” She came to me wanting bigger implants to correct sagging and skin rippling. I told her she would eventually need to get down to a “D” cup with normal size, implants, and a lift to remove loose skin and reposition the nipple/areola. I also suggested some courses on “inner growth and development.” She seemed to agree but ended our consultation with this statement, “Dr. Kadesky, you know it’s a man’s world out there and a woman has to do everything she can to make it in a man’s world.” A few days later, I got a call from her boyfriend telling me to mind my own business!

There is even a disease of the mind called “body dysmorphic disease” where people have a totally distorted body image. They often believe they’re fat when they are very lean. They complain vehemently about face and body deformities I don’t see at all. Of course, plastic surgery will never make them happy — they need psychiatric help.

When does plastic surgery produce happiness? In well adjusted people who have a few specific areas that drag down their self-confidence. It can also help in the most important key to happiness — relationships.

Let’s say you have no love relationships but would like one. In this world of online dating, first impressions are vitally important. People scanning those websites are sorting through dozens of pictures. Your chances of making contact are infinitely improved if your pictures show big, sparkling eyes, a smooth happy forehead, a beautiful nose, a beautiful smile with luscious lips, a firm jawline, a sculpted neck, and a fit, sexy body. These same attributes also make you super confident meeting new people.

How about more happiness from plastic surgery in people already in committed relationships? Yes, plastic surgery can take that relationship to new heights of ecstasy. Some women tell me that before plastic surgery, they could only feel comfortable having sex in a dark room. They never undressed in front of their partner. They were ashamed of their bodies. Post plastic surgery, these same women go naked all the time — even in broad daylight! They ignite passion in their partners with sexy clothes, daring lingerie, and hot bikinis. Relationships that were dull and routine became fun, exciting, and creative.

Yes, in the right people, plastic surgery can create happiness!

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