Dr. Barnacle Buster ( seborrheic keratosis)

Do you suffer from unsightly plaques on your skin? They are usually brown, tan, or black and raised and rough textured. They typically pop up in older folks on the back, chest, arms, egs and neck – even the head (face and scalp).

The good news — they are benign and easy to treat. The bad news – we don’t know how to prevent them and they are ugly. Their medical name: seborrheic keratosis.

I can scrape off all of them, using local anesthesia to eliminate the pain of the scraping. Some patients pass on injections of local anesthesia. They say it doesn’t hurt because of my gentle touch.

The end result is a spot that looks like an abrasion. I recommend keeping them covered with neosporin and band-aids or non-sticking gauze. No problem showering with abnd-aids off to clean the wounds. These areas often heal with a thin scab that falls off in 10 days, showing pink, healthy new skin.

If you hate your barnacles, come see me for a fast, affordable treatment.

Enjoy this video on “Barnacle Barbie”

From my H-Art,

Yale M Kadesky

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