Ultra Mini Lift – Ready for Prime Time

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My Ultra Mini Lift has passed the test with flying colors! I performed my third revolutionary minimally invasive face/neck lift last week and even the first post-op day result was amazing.

Before offering this Ultra Mini Lift to the public, I wanted to test it on three patients. The results in all three were amazing! Tight, smooth jaw lines and improved necks.

So what’s so different about the Ultra Mini Lift?

Minimal Incisions – just in the temples, in front of the ears, and under the chin.
Minimal Anesthesia – just 4 pills to make your relaxed and pain free and local injections to numb the small areas of lifting
Minimal Bruising and Swelling – almost NONE
Minimal Recovery Time – shower, shampoo the next day and go to the mall. Nobody will know you had cosmetic surgery
Minimal Pain – almost none. Tylenol is adequate to relieve discomfort
Minimal Risk – less cutting means less chance of a complication
Minimal Cost – HALF the price of a full facelift ($10,000)
Ultra Result – restores the firm, smooth, lifted look of youth for a long time thanks to the belt and suspenders double lift at the temples.

Check out our videos on Youtube to see how quick and easy it is to freshen up your look. After, schedule your complimentary consultation!

Please schedule soon as the introductory price will go up as demand increases.

From my H-art,

Yale M Kadesky MD

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