Sounds Deep? Believe it or not, the way people relate to plastic surgery has a lot to do with their philosophy of life.

First, there is the group that says, “If God had meant you to have _____, he would have given it to you!” If this attitude had prevailed, children born with crooked teeth would be denied orthodontia, and on and on until we would be back in the Stone Age. The roots of this belief are fear, especially fear of change. And it overlooks the fact that those of us who alter bodies, minds, and spirits — even plastic surgeons — are all part of God and therefore doing what He means us to do.

Then, there are women and men who believe in “growing old gracefully.” An analogy will help here. We all know of beautiful homes, cars, and pieces of furniture that have “grown old gracefully.” However, if they were used daily, like our bodies are, they required periodic maintenance to stay that way; the house needs painting and re-roofing; the car needs new tires and tune-ups; the sofa needs reupholstering and refinishing of the wood. Similarly, the body needs maintenance to keep it from looking tired, angry, sad, withered, unhealthy and untidy. Ironically, these folks usually devote much time and money on clothes, cars, homes, and furnishings in order to maintain a graceful image while allowing their most important possessions, their bodies, to deteriorate.

Next up the ladder are the “someday” folks. They are going to have plastic surgery “some day” — but someday never comes! They also usually put many other aspects of their lives on hold, like taking a course, or getting a degree, changing jobs, or improving a relationship. For them, life will really start someday. What they miss out on is the excitement of living fully in the present, as if now is all there is and ever will be.

Getting closer is the “but” group. They would love to have plastic surgery, BUT it’s expensive, it’s uncomfortable, they don’t have the time to convalesce, they’ve heard “horror stories” about it, they don’t want to impose on people for support, they don’t want to appear vain, etc., etc., etc. These people frequently find themselves stopped by circumstances in many areas of their lives. Rather than seeing these concerns as obstacles to be overcome in order to achieve a goal, they see them as impenetrable walls. The price paid is a life full of unfulfilled dreams.

At the ladder’s top is a unique form of human being. These people are committed to evolving, NOT aging. Their lives are about raising their minds, bodies, and spirits to higher and higher energy levels. They look at their faces and bodies and see where any negative energy is located — i.e., characteristics that they don’t like, that don’t match who they are mentally and spiritually. Then they diet, exercise, or “surgerize” the problems until positive energy is created — i.e., until the trouble spots give them joy. When the physical body rises to a higher energy level, it pulls the mind and spirit up with it. Of course, this works in reverse too — when these people develop new insights that energize their minds and spirits, their faces and bodies seem to glow with beauty. These people are active and in control of their lives. Furthermore, they want to help other people, their community, and even the world evolve too. These people are perfect candidates for plastic surgery.

Is there any hope for those at the bottom and middle of the ladder? Yes! Although we may not recognize it, we are who we say we are. Just by changing the way we speak, we can alter who we are. So people might say, “If I’m not happy with something about myself, God put people here to help me change it, so I will,” or “Growing old gracefully involves maintenance and remodeling my body just like any other valued possession,” or “I’m going to start enjoying life NOW — money, time, and fear can all be handled.”

Is it wrong to be lower on the ladder? Definitely not. It is just like living life as a 60 watt bulb, when it is possible to be a bright and shining beacon.

Dr. Kadesky is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. For a complimentary cosmetic consultation in Escondido, contact us today.

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