Ever pull your face up toward your temples? Looks great, right? Jowls disappear, neck tightens up. Wouldn’t it be great if it stayed up permanently? That’s what the Mini/Ultra Facelift does. This minimally invasive procedure removes a wedge of skin from the temple, with the scar hidden by your hair. It also tightens a deeper layer called the SMAS for an internal lift, too, and holds it up forever with permanent sutures. A little scar in front of the ear is very hard to see. The Lifted Skin is just in front of the Ear. The Ultra result is a clean, firm jawline and tighten neck.

For patients with a “turkey neck”, I also make a small incision under the chin to divide and tighten (like a corset) the muscles causing the deformity.

In patients with excess fat in their jowls and necks, I thin out the fat with liposuction.

Mini- Down Time: My last patient went back to work in 4 days.

Mini – Bruising and Swelling: Almost none compared to the full face/neck lift

Min – Pain: Most patients don’t have pain. If they do; over the counter pain medicine works great.

Mini – Risk of Complications: NO major nerves in the lift area and most skin is untouched and unlifted

Mini – Scar: Scars are hidden in the temple hair and in front of the ears.

Mini – Anesthesia: a few pills before the procedure to relax the patient and take away the pain of the local injection. This is all the anesthesia needed for a painless operation.

Mini – Price: Half the cost of a full face/neck lift with comparable results.

The perfect candidate for this procedure has jowls and a moderate amount of loose neck skin. Patients with major amounts of loose neck skin still require the full face/neck lift. For the appropriate patient, the Mini/Ultra Facelift produces ultra fine results with minimally invasive surgery … PERFECT for today’s busy folks.

Check out a video of the procedure below.


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