What to Expect from a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure. Many women would like better looking or larger breasts. This procedure helps to achieve those goals. For women considering the procedure, it is important to know what to expect. A surgeon in our office can go over specific questions the patient has, but prior to the appointment, knowing more about the procedure can help to put a person's mind at ease.

What is a breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation is an outpatient surgical procedure that increases the size of the breasts. This procedure is done to help a woman achieve her ideal breast size or shape. The procedure is done in a hospital setting and has an easy recovery process.

Things to consider 

There are a lot of specifics to consider when choosing breast augmentation. Before having the procedure done, the size, shape and placement of the implants will have to be discussed. The type of filling such as saline or silicone has to be chosen. Choosing where the incision will be placed – armpit, nipple, under the breast or other placements, are also determined during the consultation.

After the procedure

Some women will notice that their breasts are larger than expected immediately after surgery. However, this is not the final result. The breasts have to heal, drop and become accustomed to holding the implants. The breast tissue heals and grows around the implant with time, giving them a more comfortable, natural appearance. The recovery only takes a few weeks but it may take longer for the implants to fully fall into place. The specific healing times vary from patient to patient. Still, it is wise to take a few days off of work to recover and to limit physical activity for the first couple of weeks after surgery.

Communicate with the surgeon

Asking questions helps patients to become more comfortable with the procedure. During a consultation, we encourage patients to discuss expectations for the procedure, along with their goals, wants and needs. This will help surgeons to make the right recommendation regarding the type and placement of the implants, along with the size that a patient should select. Ultimately, these decisions will be made by the patient, but we like to give suggestions and recommendations based on what we feel will make a patient the happiest and most comfortable in the long-term.

Schedule a consultation

Speaking with a professional is highly recommended for those who are considering breast augmentation surgery. Having the information needed to make an informed decision is the best way to go. During a consultation, we can recommend the best course of action while listening to your needs and goals for the procedure. Breast augmentation is ideal for a number of reasons. This consultation will make it easier to identify why it would be a good option for you personally.

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