Should I Schedule Facial Rejuvenation Treatments?

Facial rejuvenation treatments can make a significant difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Ultimately, we believe that our patients should have the self-confidence they need to go about life with enthusiasm and energy. Being self-conscious about one’s appearance can make this difficult to do. Fortunately, we offer noninvasive and minimally invasive solutions that can be used to address issues like wrinkles, loose and sagging skin or textural problems.

Should I schedule facial rejuvenation treatments?

We find that many people are uncertain if they should schedule a procedure or if they are being too sensitive about their appearance. We contend that there is no such thing as being too sensitive. Everyone deserves the ability to love how they look and to feel confident in their appearance. If this is not happening because of a specific issue, have it taken care of. Modern technology makes it possible, so there is simply no reason to suffer from these insecurities. 

Won't it be expensive?

No. Our facial rejuvenation treatments are incredibly affordable, especially when compared to plastic surgery. Since our procedures are nonsurgical, the cost is just a fraction of what it would be for anyone who is considering something like a facelift. This is one of the reasons that so many patients choose to visit our office for treatment.

But, will I have to take time off work?

Most of our patients simply schedule the procedure to be completed on a lunch break or they leave work early that day. We are also open on the weekend so if it is more convenient, it is possible to schedule the treatment on Saturday or Sunday. Keep in mind that our solutions are either noninvasive or minimally invasive so there is no need to plan for a long recovery time or taking time off work. This is hugely advantageous for people who have a busy schedule or for anyone who would rather use their vacation days to spend a week at the beach.

With most of our procedures, it is possible to have a treatment on one afternoon and head back to the office the very next morning.

Am I going to look natural and beautiful or will my face look fake, like I had surgery?

For many of our patients, the decision not to have plastic surgery is made because they want to look natural. Of course, they want to look like a younger, more beautiful version of themselves, but still like themselves. It is possible to achieve this using our solutions. Since they are noninvasive or minimally invasive, the changes can be made gradually. This gives patients more control over how they look when the process is completed. In other words, there is no risk of visiting our office looking one way and leaving looking like a completely different person. It just does not happen. Instead, we simply bring out a more beautiful version of our patients.

Can I see before and after pictures?

Of course. We suggest that anyone who wants to improve their appearance through a facial rejuvenation treatment to visit our office for a consultation before moving forward. We can ask questions, determine what a patient's goals are and show examples of what different procedures can achieve. Before and after photos are a great way of doing this.

What's next?

Schedule an appointment and we will take it from there.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, call (760) 741-5466. Our office is located in Escondido. Call Yale M. Kadesky, M.D. today.

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