Projecting Nipples in Men

As fashion has men wearing tighter shirts and thinner material, nipples are frequently seen under their garments. Men with large, projecting nipples are often embarrassed by their female sized nipples. What can be done to make these men feel comfortable and confident about the appearance of their nipples? A nipple reduction.

A recent patient I saw had this problem plus very prominent areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple). My procedure, performed under local anesthesia in my fully accredited office OR, first reduced the diameter of the nipples by excising a wedge comprising 25% of the nipple. I then excised the projecting part of the areola. I then sewed the skin around the areola to the reduced nipple. The early results (on the OR table) showed nice/flat nipples and areola.

No more nipple embarrassment! The patient and his lady-friend are ecstatic.

(I’ll post pictures of the final result in a future blog.)

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