If the eyes are the windows to the soul, why do so many people have the blinds half drawn shut?  On TV, at the mall, even at home, excess hanging upper eyelid skin is hiding their beautiful eyes, obstructing peripheral vision  while lower eyelid bags make them look old and tired.

In these times where everyone but petroleum producers are pinching pennies, here is the great news.  Eyelid tucks are one of the least expensive procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery and eyelid surgery is not only the most cost effective operation in plastic surgery but also one of the safest.  No other operation does so much to freshen the face, for so little.

In about one hour of actual operating time, upper or lower eyelids are transformed.  In the upper eyelids, I remove excess skin and the bulging fat pads to create more beautiful, youthful and deep set eyes.  The final scar is virtually invisible, located in the natural crease in the upper eyelid. Besides the sags of the upper eyelids, what about the bags of the lower eyelids?  They also make a person appear “wiped out”. They are due to a hernia-like bulging of fat pads. If there is no excess skin in the lower eyelids, a totally scarless approach through the inside of the lower eyelids eliminates the bulging fat pads.  If there is “festooning” skin in the lower eyelids, I make an incision just beneath the eyelashes to remove the excess skin and bulging fat pads.  The final scar is barely visible.

For people with the “basset hound” look to the lower eyelids, I can anchor the lower eyelids, raising them to a normal position that hides the white of the eyes.

Many people of Asian descent have a “single” upper eyelid which lacks the fold found in people of other races.  This tends to obscure a large part of the eye. This can be corrected with a special eyelid “tuck” that creates the fold and raises the eyelid, creating a more alert, western look.

When performing eyelid surgery, I prefer a “twilight” anesthesia where my nurse anesthetist gives the patient just enough sedation to eliminate the pain of the local anesthesia injections.  The patient then sleeps through the entire procedure.

More good news – your down time is only three days.  During this time, I ask my patients to use cold compresses to the eyelids and elevate their heads.  To minimize bruising and swelling I use Arnica Montana and Rutin with Bioflavonoids pre and post operatively.

After the three days of cold compresses, my patients can go about their business – usually with tinted glasses and make up for three weeks to hide any discoloration.

After an eyelid tuck, people will be asking you “Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers!”

From my H-Art,

Yale M. Kadesky, M.D.

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