Ask Dr. K about Aging Successfully

Q: What feature do you think makes a woman look like she’s not successfully aging?

A: The eyes have it! Yes, sagging upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids create the worst first   impression. The eyes are called the “Windows to the soul” because we focus on people’s eyes to understand what’s going on inside their mind/spirit. Sags and bags make the person look tired and wasted. Not only that. The beautiful color of the eyes is in the shadow of these curtain upper eye lids.

Q: What can be done about old looking eyelids?

A: Fortunately the solution is effective, safe, painless, fast and affordable with almost invisible scarring. The eyelid tuck medically called blepharoplasty is performed in a fully accredited ambulatory surgical suite located in my office. I perform this procedure under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with “twilight” sedation using a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I perform a “pinch test” to make sure the exact right amount of excess skin is excised. I also remove the bulging fat pads that create puffy upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids. The scars are beautifully hidden in the natural upper eyelid fold and just below the lower eyelid lashes. Permanent filler material is injected into the depressed “shadows” of the lower lids if necessary to complete the transformation.

Q: Does insurance cover eyelid surgery?

A: Usually not. Patients with upper eyelids that obstruct vision can get a visual field examination by their eye doctor. I the visual field “cuts” are significant, insurance may cover the procedure. Lower eyelids are only covered if the lid doesn’t make normal contact with the eyeball.

Q: What’s the post op care?

A: Recovery involves 3 post op days of cold compresses to the eyes to resolve bruising and swelling. On day 4, the patient can resume light activities with sunglasses and some makeup.

In 2 weeks, the eyes are big, beautiful and bright. The patient looks energized, fresh, youthful, healthy and inspired.

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