Skin Treatments for Scar Removal

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There are a wide variety of skin treatments available for scar removal. While some learn to live with their scars, others seek scar removal in order to achieve better skin and fix imperfections caused by scars.

Everyone deserves to be proud of the way they look. And for many, scar removal has helped them achieve a higher level of self-confidence in the way they look.

Treatment for Scar Removal

The treatment for scar removal often depends on the location and severity of the scar. While the treatment options range from over-the-counter creams and gels to plastic surgery.

The following are four popular skin treatment options for scar removal.

1. Creams and gels

There are a number of over-the-counter scar removal creams, gels and ointments. They work well at improving and even removing the appearance of minor scars.

While creams and gels may not be the best option for larger scars, they work well for removing scars that are minor. There are various over-the-counter ointments that may work to remove a small scar. But, in some cases, a prescribed ointment may be needed to remove more severe scars. 

In the event creams and gels do not work for scar removal, then a more extensive form of treatment is likely in order, such as the ones seen below.

2. Laser scar removal

Laser scar removal is very effective at removing moderate scars, especially scars that are the result of a surgical procedure.

Laser scar removal works by placing an intense light on the scar in order to drastically reduce the size, color and shape of a scar. Laser scar removal is a non-invasive procedure that poses little to no threat at all to the patient’s overall health.

Laser scar removal can solve many of the minor scars that may not have improved through creams and gels. But, they still may not be able to repair more severe scars.

3. Injections

Injections are often used alongside other forms of scar removal treatment. They work really well at reducing the appearance of scars that stick out from the rest of the skin.

The most common form of injections come in the form of steroid injections. These help lower the elevation of a scar to become even with the rest of the skin, at which point other scar removal techniques – such as creams and laser scar removal – may be utilized to reduce the appearance of the scar even further.

4. Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is going to be the most invasive form of scar removal. But, it is usually the most effective form of treatment as well.

Plastic surgery for scar removal usually involves taking skin from another place of the body and using it to cover up the scar. But, there are other forms of plastic surgery that may also help to reduce the appearance of a scar.

While many prefer less invasive means of scar removal, sometimes plastic surgery is the most effective. Thus, it is the most recommended method of treatment when attempting to completely remove the scar.

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