Schedule a Tummy Tuck near Escondido After Losing Weight

If you have recently lost a sizable amount of weight, you may be left in need of a tummy tuck near Escondido. Many people who struggle with weight loss believe finally finding a way to lose the pounds is all they need to worry about.

Unfortunately, these same people find themselves still disappointed and lacking confidence after losing weight. For most, this lack of confidence is due to the excess skin that remains. Excess skin around the midsection and thighs following a bariatric surgery weight loss can be uncomfortable.

In other cases, excess skin can also be embarrassing and cause other problems. Thighplasties and tummy tucks are two of the most common cosmetic surgeries after significant weight loss.

Thighplasty near Escondido

A thighplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to tighten loose and saggy skin around the thighs. The procedure improves the overall appearance of the patient’s thighs and reduces dimpling and flab. We can perform this procedure on the inner and outer thighs to create a tauter appearance with reduced cellulite and excess skin. Even after weight loss, a liposuction may be necessary before a thighplasty to remove any residual fat deposits that could interfere with the surgical procedure and final result.

Patients should plan to set aside a week to 10 days to recover following a thighplasty. While they can return to work after this period, bruising and slight discomfort may be present for up to a month. Patients can resume most normal activities after four to six weeks.

Tummy Tuck near Escondido

Tummy tucks are a common surgical procedure performed to reduce uncomfortable excess skin and saggy areas around the midsection. They may also remove any residual fat after weight loss. Following a large amount of weight loss, the skin may not be able to return to its original elasticity without surgical help. In some cases, a tummy tuck may also remove unsightly stretch marks from weight gain or pregnancy.

Following a tummy tuck procedure, patients should plan to take a week off of work. After this, the incisions need to heal before the patient can return to work. The patient may need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to ensure it heals properly. After a follow-up visit, patients can resume normal activities.

Other options available

In addition to thighplasties and tummy tucks, other surgeries are available to reduce excess skin in other areas of the body following weight loss. Buttock lifts, breast lifts and upper body lifts are also quite popular. A buttock lift will improve the overall appearance of the rear, giving it a perkier and smoother look. A breast lift may improve the appearance of sagginess and provide younger looking breasts.

An upper body lift may include an arm lift for excess skin on the back of the upper arms and a back or bra line lift to reduce rolls around the bra area. If you have recently lost weight and you are still not happy with your appearance, we can help. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about a tummy tuck near Escondido and other skin lifting and body contouring procedures.

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