Facelift & Neck Lift


Are a “turkey gobbler” neck and heavy jowls making you look like your mother or grandmother? Then a Mini Face Lift is just for you.

A facelift restores that nice, clean jawline and smooth, firm neck you had in your youth. Facelift patients say it doesn’t change their appearance – just freshens it. They look and feel more energized with the new self-confidence it gives them.

Using incisions in hard-to-see places, the sagging skin is removed. Permanent, hidden sutures move the descended jowl tissues back to the midface. Muscle bands in the neck are divided and converted into a “corset” to create a beautiful angle. The procedure is almost painless. Recovery is all about watching some bruising and swelling disappear (in about 2 to 3 weeks). Results are long lasting thanks to the internal and external tightening. The overall look is fresh, clean and youthful.

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