Breast Reduction


Are large, heavy, sagging breasts taking a toll on your shoulders, neck and back? Then breast reduction is for you.

Breast Reduction Surgery:

Breast reduction is an amazing operation that no only relieves terrible symptoms like head, neck, back and shoulder pain and itchy red rashes under the breasts. It also greatly improves the esthetics of the breasts… making them compliment the body, not over-whelm it. Breasts are raised from lying on the upper abdomen to enhancing the chest … where they belong! Nipples that were pointing at the floor are placed on the top the breast mounds which now have a pretty shape.

A “lollipop” incision removed excess skin and breast tissue and lifts the remaining tissue and the nipple/areola. Insurance will cover this procedure in women having severe symptoms. Recovery is fast because breasts have no functional utility unless you’re breastfeeding. Women are relieved of their pains and enjoy their beautifully shaped “C” cup breasts.

Does your chest make you feel feminine? Then gynecomastia surgery is for you.

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

The male breast reduction surgery helps men with enlarged breasts and or nipples, who may experience pain or embarrassment because of gynecomastia. This surgery removes fat, glandular tissue and or excess skin and brings physical relief as well as improving the appearance of the chest, making it more masculine.

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