Breast Lift

Tired of saggy breasts? Longing for the “perky” breasts you had in you late teens. Then Breast Lift is for you.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery):

Sexy, firm lifted C or D cup breasts make your waist look smaller and do justice to swimsuits, clothes and negligees. If you suffer from severe sagging, a breast lift restores your breasts to their perky, youthful position.

The good news of breasts lifts: it avoids implants. The bad news: a “lollipop scar” around the areola and from the areola to the fold under the breast. This scar usually looks like a fine line. This incision eliminates excess, baggy skin and repositions the nipple/areola to the “perky “ position. Pain is minimal. Resume your normal activities in a week. This procedure is perfect for women who already fill out a C or D cup but need a bra for lift.

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